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Visit of the Vendée’s historial museum

Vendée’s historial museum, only few minutes from the Camping.

Located at almost 20 minutes of the camping, in Les Lucs-Sur-Boulogne, Vendée’s historial museum is a museum telling the Vendée’s history : From the prehistoric times to the beginning of the 21th century.
A recent museum because it opened in 2006, the historial’s Museum will make you travelling in the time, with its many different eras :
Beginning by the prehistoric times, you will discover founded objects in the Vendée, along with a little movie showing you their production.
Little bonus, with a police investigation show… Don’t miss it !

The antiquity

This area is a collection of many little objects of the daily life of a Gaulish village, with the possibility to do a little helicopter’s circuit to discover the archeological wealthy of the department.

The medieval millennium

You’ll discover the daily life of the locals, inside a wood section’s house, in a church, in a mysterious feudal tour, with unconditional objects from this era like jewels, swords, but also leather objects founded during digs.
With a show released on screens “Le langage des pierres”.

Modern era

Some of several collection’s objects to immerse yourself in the life of this big historic period.
And for those who wish it, you will have the opportunity to sit yourself on a sedan chair to discover the goldmithery’s art, put yourself in the Réaumur’s office or meet an ship-owner on a dock in Les Sables d’Olonne.

Vendée’s war

You’ll find inside that area, a circuit created from texts and audios on the French Revolution to the Sofflet and Charette’s execution, and as we go along the visit, you will understand the reasons why that have caused the people displeasure.
This area is with a little explanatory movie.
Then, you will find a painting galery where are exhibited many works of the 19th century.

The 19th century and the first 20th century

During this period, a big majority of works were close to the fishing, farming world, handicraft, and industry.
Between wooded countryside farm, barn, village square, altar candle maker’s workshop, hairstyling salon, city hall… a real small village in which you will have the luck to discover all of the era’s activities, immersing yourself in the heart of the residents’s life.
The industrial revolution which is an important event of this period, is mentioned with the discovering of the steam engine.

The auditorium

And to conclude the chronological process, this hall suggest you movies on the the current news or linked with temporary exhibitions of the museum.

Temporary exhibitions

The museum offers you the possibility to discover new varied topics all over the year, in order to highlight the works, the artists and historical key moments of Vendée Department.
Several exhibitions have already took place, for exemple “Made in 85”, “Clémenceau, le tigre et l’Asie”, “A bicyclette”, or aso “UniverSEL”.

Children’s museum

Discover again the museums but in a way more entertaining with its children’s museum, in order that your little protégés can them too learn entertaining themselves, with the mascot Gaspard the duck, who will guide them to discover the sea world !

Mémorial de la Vendée proche du camping


Few steps next to the Vendée’s historial museum, the memorial is a place of remembrance which remind the massacre of 564 villagers of Les Lucs and the neighbours hamlets, in Febuary of 1794.

To know :

  • Free access
  • Organised commented visits
  • More information : Historial de la Vendée to

The Museum welcomes you all over the year :

  • From the April 1st to the June 30th and from the September 1st to the September 30th : From Tuesday to Sunday ( from 10AM to 7PM ) – Closed all Mondays.
  • From the July 1st to the August 30th : All days from 10AM to 7PM.

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