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Trekkings close by the camping, fishing, the forrest and wildlife park

You will have some things to busy yourself with during your stay at the Camping La Forêt, plentiful of activities outside are offered to you nearby the Camping.


Several pedestrian trekkings paths are offered to you around the camping, you can take out behind the Camping, where there is a 420ha forest, if you want explore further away, you will have the possibility to cross La Nonnerie La Boutière itinerary, located 5km from Aizenay.

You’ll have the possibility to explore “le sentier des écureuils” on 8km, where it’s possible to discover the Martin Pêcheur’s lake and the little forest.

There is also “Le Sentier des papillons” to not miss ! Where you can see the amusement park of Les Engoulevents (and the forrest), the Martin Pêcheur’s lake, le Moiron’s valley, farm reinforced with old moats nearby, the “Pont 4 mètres” (former railway).

The camping suggest you pedestrian trip one morning per week where you can visit the spectacular Aizenay’s forest.

If you want, you’ll get the chance to discover the Aizenay city, with trekkings organized by the city hall during the whole summer.


On the fishing side, many ponds are located close by the camping, like the Martin Pêcheur’s lake, the Retière’s pond, the Engoulevents’ park…

One time a week, the camping organize a fishing’s initiation with specialist professional.


The Aizenay’s forest is a big forest, which make her the 7th biggest forest in the Vendée Department, which is situated nearby the Camping, the forest is ranked Natural Zone of Ecological, fauna and flora interest (ZNIEFF)

You will find several woods like oak timbers, maritime pines, plots of Sitka spruces, holly brushs, beech tree thickets, birchs…

On the animal species, perhaps you will have the chance to meet some European nighthawks, Saint-Martin’s harriers, and also hobby falcons.

Animal park

Peacocks, deers, goats, llamas, and some others animals are waiting for you in the Engoulevents’ animal park of the Aizenay’s forest.

On those 18 hectares, you can fish, have a picnic, do some sport activities…

Even the youngers will love it, with kid’s games, including an adventure’s path.

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