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The parks nearby the camping

animaux de planète sauvage

Planète sauvage

Located in the Loire Atlantic in Le Port Saint-Père city and at 45 minutes of the camping La forêt in Aizenay in La Vendée Department,

Planète sauvage is before anything :

One of the biggest safari in France
Total immersion in animal territory
Unique experience for one full day of change of scene
A 85 hectares park with 5 different universes

During your visit, you will have de possibility to explore the piste SAFARI in car, in bus or with 4*4 : Pick-up, truck (booking only), cross over the 15 plains where you will discover the big mammals world of different continents.

Then, the pedestrian zone will allow you to reach the Incas’s path, the bush lane, the sailing city-state and finally, the jungle temple.

In 2021, you’ll have the possibility to discover the new lions and cheetahs territories from pedestrian observation posts.

To go further away in the discovering of the wild world, the park suggest you to book the possibility to :

  • To cross the piste SAFARI, Raid with 4*4, Safari VIP
  • To go meet the Dolphins
  • To take part of learning session
  • Becoming a junior keeper ( kid from 7 to 12 years old)
  • Becoming keeper for the day (+12 years old)

Planète sauvage’s box office (SAFARI) at the Camping’s reception.

Le Grand Défi

Le Grand Défi

Located in Vendée, in Saint-Julien-des-Landes, the amusement park « Le Grand Défi » welcomes you in the heart of the nature in order to make you dicover an huge number of activities reachable as soon as you have 2 years old.

Familial Parc dedicated to adventure, Le Grand Défi vous propose :

Paintball : 5 soils
High Ropes Course : 34 paths, different levels
Galactic Laser : Science-fiction universe
Quick jump : Jump tower (18 meters high)
Sence of direction Running : 19 paths
Disc golf : Path 18 holes

Nouveauté 2021 : EXPLOR’GAME
2 scenarios (police or fantastic)

In 2021, The park is making progress in its structures and suggest you :

  • 1 brand new path for High Ropes Course for family (+ 6 years old)
  • 1 brand new soil of Paintball with topics “zombie apocalypse” (+ 12 years old)
  • New equipment for paintball and Galactic Laser

Box-office :
To benefit partner prices… Do stamping on the brochure of Grand Défi at the Camping’s reception.

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